REJUV Pro Skin Set

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Beauty's best-kept secrets for youthful, radiant skin. Pairing the Rejuv Pro with a free EMS Facial Wand to create the essential skincare set.

Rejuv Pro uses three proven groundbreaking technologies, incorporating LED light, vibration massage, and a warming system to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and sagging on your delicate neck and face. These combined features enhance your skin from within by promoting collagen and protein production as well as blood circulation for a naturally lifted, firm, and supple appearance.

The EMS Facial Wand cleans deep within your pores for rejuvenated skin while evening your tone, for a smooth illuminated complexion. This set focuses on improving your skin from the inside out, for lasting healthy skin.


Rejuv Pro

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines
  • Targets sagging, for firm and youthful skin
  • Even skin tone
  • Less puffiness creates a sculpted look

EMS Facial Wand

  • Increased skin elasticity
  • Unclogs pores, brightened complexion
  • Increased moisture and hydration
  • Decrease production of excess oil and acne-causing bacteria
    How It Works

    Rejuv Pro

    LED light therapy: Type of non-invasive light therapy penetrates deep layers of the skin.

    Red LED light: Anti-aging

    Promotes growth of fibroblast cells responsible for producing collagen and elastin proteins, reducing signs of fine lines and sagging.

    Green LED light: Even tone

    Decreases production of melanocytes helping decrease dark spots, and hyperpigmentation for brighter skin, and also soothes skin reducing redness.

    Blue LED light: Anti-blemish

    Coldest light, eliminates acne-causing bacteria, targets excess oil and toxin build-up deep within the pores to prevent breakouts. Creates a clean healthy environment for skin to thrive in.

    Faint vibration and heat: Depuff, Absorb, and Plump

    Reducing puffiness and inflammation through lymphatic drainage, for a sculpted look. Reaches deep layers of the skin to activate muscles and boost blood circulation, improving delivery of oxygen and nutrients to skin. Breaks down fat cells replacing them with collagen cells for firmer skin.

    EMS Facial Wand

    EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation):  Sends pulsing currents and gentle electric stimulation deep into skin activating muscles, and enhancing elasticity resulting in firmer, healthier skin.

    Red Light:  Amplifies cell activity reducing appearance of fine lines/wrinkles while restoring skin luster and vitality.

    Blue Light: Reduce oiliness and promote reduction of acne.

    Positive Ion: Main feature for deep cleansing, brings impurities out from deep within skin and helps prevent cell damage.

    Negative ion: Boosts collagen production and accelerates skin healing.

    Micro-vibration: Activates blood circulation and facial muscles, drains built-up fluid to help depuff.

    Warm Massage: Stimulates blood flow allowing oxygen and nutrients to move better in the skin and gives skin an energy boost for a bright, fresh complexion.

    How to use

    Rejuv Pro

    1. Prep skin by cleansing face/neck, dry thoroughly
    2. Apply serum, cream, or facial oil to face/neck for slip
    3. Press down on round power button for 3 seconds, LED light, heat and vibration will automatically start. To change color, click power button once, each LED light has different vibration intensity.
    4. Place curved edge onto skin starting from bottom of neck/face, applying light pressure, slowly gliding upwards
      1.  For neck, glide from bottom of neck to chin
      2.  For face, glide from corners of mouth to temples, from mid-cheek to temples, and from brows to hairline
    5. Use for 5-7 minutes, 3x a week
    6. Hold power button for 3 seconds to turn off
    7. Reapply moisturizer at end of session
    8. Apply eye cream, use opposite end with stainless-steel round part for 10 seconds to depuff and lock in moisture under the eye
    9. Wipe device down with cloth, paper towel, or facial wipe

    EMS Facial Wand

    Deep cleansing:

    1.  Remove makeup or leftover products, wash area thoroughly to ensure it is clean, pat dry
    2.  Apply cleanser to face/neck
    3.  Hold power button for 3 seconds, then click power button once to select "clean mode", once selected the light therapy and vibration (humming sound) will automatically begin
    4.  To adjust intensity, click button with three lines, located above the power button
    5.  Start at bottom of face/neck, use light pressure in circular, upward motion for 3 minutes once a week
    6.  Wash face or wipe away cleanser with a clean cloth/wipe
    7.  Apply moisturizer
    8.  Wipe device with cloth, paper towel, or facial wipe



    1.  Cleanse face/neck, pat dry
    2.  For slip apply serum, cream, or facial oil to face/neck
    3.  Hold power button for 3 seconds, click power button once to select "tira" or "import" mode, to adjust intensity click button with three lines, located above power button
    4.  Use circular, upward motions from bottom to top of face/neck for 5-7 minutes, 3x a week
    5.  Apply moisturizer when done
    6.  Wipe device with cloth, paper towel, or facial wipe
    •  Do not wash devices or use with water, do not use devices while charging